Inquiso FAQ

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No we don’t.

We are so confident in our data we also don’t require annual contracts. A free trial is not going to give you the feel of Inquiso. You need to jump in with both feet and dedicate time to making this work. Spend $39 and commit to figuring it out and the next month you will be upgrading your plan. $39 to make $10k+ on a wholesale is the deal of a century. 

No, any unused searches do not rollover to the next month.  Your included search count resets at renewal.

To cancel your subscription you need to log into inquiso and navigate to and click on the blue Plan sub menu link. This will bring you to a page where you can click the cancel button under the plan section which will cancel your account.

The percentages are a "best guess" based on an algorithm and sometimes the number you may need will be the last on the list at 5%.

The do not call list only prohibits SALES calls. It does not prohibit informational calls. If you are an agent informing a neighbor about your new listing in the neighborhood, you are in compliance. If you are an investor, you are trying to BUY not SELL their house. However if the individual asks you not to call again, you must honor their request.

For more information please visit: 

Yes, it searches both Residential and Commercial Properties.

1. Failure to follow up - Set Appointment

2. Poorly identifying homes

3. Working too many opportunities at one time

4. Deeper Search - Friends and Family

When using Inquiso™, you pick the property you want to call. As founders, we've had most success with rundown properties. These properties are crying for a new owner. More than likely the current owner wants money for the home but doesn't know where to start. So, we don't see this as cold calling. This is a service for those who need help selling their house.

Most often we get the right number right away. Sometimes we have to go to a second level search for relatives. The harder it is to find the person, the more likely you will have no competition!

All you have done is drive up to a house that looks vacant or needs work. Then you made a phone call. If they are selling the house now or in the future, you can help!

Keep it simple! The more you talk, the more time you give the seller time to develop a “no” response. Think about it, we get bombarded with sales all day every day: coming out of the grocery store, on our email, snail mail. We are programmed to say no, even if it is something we may entertain. So be quick. I’ve bought more houses with a simple, “this is Gus and I wondered if you would like to sell your house.” 

What is insurmountable for the seller, may not be for you. After I bought a house last year in Tucson the seller said 10 people had been in contact with her over the last 6 years and she told everyone the title issues made the sale impossible. She said I was the only one who said they could fix the title issues. To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure, but I tried. I made $40K on that house in less than a week.

Tell them you got it from Inquiso™! Invite them to visit the site. Make sure they know Inquiso™ is a legitimate web site looking to help sellers overcome any issues they have to sell their home.

If they ask in an accusatory manner, you may feel like you've done something wrong. You haven’t! Remember, we help people sell their homes they didn't think they could sell (too many repairs, title issues, etc.).

Don’t give up, be prepared. Tell them you understand they don’t want to sell now, however, if they ever have any real estate questions or want a free house valuation, they can call you. “And by the way, please keep my number in case you know of anyone else looking to sell their home.”

We are not for everybody, but those we are for, we are invaluable.

Getting over the hump isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding! Practice, practice, practice. It’s ok to fail. You will definitely stumble as you learn the Inquiso™ business. That’s ok! No one is a rock star out of the gate. You will think of things you should have said while on the call. That’s ok! Incorporate that on your future calls.

Both real estate agents and investors should use Inquiso™:

  • New agents have a new and effective way to farm a neighborhood.
  • Experienced agents can use Inquiso to target a specific property for listing or make additional money by being a coach.
  • Investors now have an effective and inexpensive way to make contact with the owner of that off market property! 

Inquiso™ has teamed up with the global leader in consumer data to offer the most up to date property and ownership information available.  Our search engine is specifically designed for real estate ownership information giving the Inquiso™ user the ability to make that crucial owner contact to buy the property.