Avoid being complicated with your offer. You want to show the seller you are easy to work with and you don’t want to scare them off with a lengthy, complicated offer. I use a simple one page offer. It is easy for the seller to digest and removes the possibility of them saying they need to review and get back to me. I like to sign my deals as soon as possible. Any extra time you give a seller is more time for them to talk themselves out of a deal. 

My offer does not provide me much protection as any state contract would. However, I don’t feel I need it. If a seller wants to walk from a deal, let them do it. There’s no point suing for performance. If you have done a good job of building trust, showing confidence, and explaining the transaction, than you should have no problem keeping your seller in the deal. 

Ways to strengthen you offer include; higher earnest money, flexible close (often the sooner the better), little to no inspection period, and picking up the seller’s closing costs. If you are having a hard time reaching a deal, try modifying these variables in the contract to get the deal.