INQUISO User Testimonials

"I've used numerous sources over the past 26 years to find phone numbers in my real estate

business but Inquiso is by far the best source. The system is fast, easy but most of all somehow

they find the numbers and mostly cell numbers! I've yet to find a better source for our phone numbers".


"By far the most reliable phone numbers from any service I have used.  I have been able to connect with property owners as well as tenants with great success."  



“I’ve been using Inquiso for almost a year now and it’s been a value add for my business.  I use it to pull phone numbers for properties, where people have asked for home valuations.  I call to ask if they inquired for refinance or listing.  If it’s a listing, I send to my referral partner in that area.  It’s easy to use and has the information I need.  Thanks Inquiso TEAM! 
I am an experienced real estate investor and I recognized the value of Inquiso immediately. It is easy to use and very accurate. What a powerful business tool!
Inquiso is the best tool I have found to contact the owners of distressed properties. I have reached many sellers by phone that had not been contacted by other investors.
I've used all the different databases out there and Inquiso is by far the best! They always have the most accurate and up to date information. All the other databases were a disappointment. It is the only one I use, and I can't beat the price.
Recently I was introduced to a new technology called Inquiso which allows me to instantly obtain phone numbers by typing in an address. I was skeptical at first that such a database existed that would allow me to obtain cell phone numbers of property owners or neighbors, relatives and tenants in seconds. I tried out the service and after just a few days we were getting access to exceptional Real Estate opportunities without hiring a private detective or spending hours on the Internet. So there is a secret to this service, and I guess the cats out of the bag now. The first person that reaches an owner that is difficult or impossible to reach has a dramatic advantage to make a deal. Within weeks we closed two transactions that the sellers were obtained by the service. In the first transaction, after receiving this lead I was able to sell the house in literally 10 minutes and the investor that purchased the property for 101k will most likely market it for well over 200k after rehab. The investor is thrilled to obtain this property because he had been watching the house for over 10 years yet unable to reach the owner. The 2nd closing we had was my next fastest sale in real estate in my 25 plus year career. The lead obtained from Inquiso was a tear down house in hot neighborhood. I contacted an investor, and in 15 minutes he was at the property and he immediately made the decision to buy it. He was leaving for a trip to a remote island in 24 hours and we literally closed in 24 hours. He’s thrilled about the purchase at 28k with house on 2 lots.

These first two sales are just the tip of the iceberg! We are now getting instant direct access to owners that own multi-millions of investment property. The service gives me an “unfair advantage” if you delve into this technology you will be ahead light years ahead of the competition.

Associate Broker
As soon as I was introduced to Inquiso, I realized what a powerful tool it was and immediately signed up. The very next day, I was picking up my son from a sleep over and two doors down was a house that had obviously been vacant for some time. I pulled out my phone, plugged the address into Inquiso, and instantly had 15 phone numbers. The third number on the list was the owner's cell phone. We set an appointment and three days later I had a contract. The owner had moved twice since vacating the house over a year prior and had I tried finding the owner via the traditional methods, the property would have gone to foreclosure while I was waiting for a response. Inquiso has revolutionized how I handle absentee owners.